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Live the full experience.

Take your football skills to the next level. This 10-month academic-sports program focuses on the player’s integration into Spanish soccer through top local clubs.

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Live the full experience.

Take your football skills to the next level. This 10-month academic-sports program focuses on the player’s integration into Spanish soccer through top local clubs.

ica x sek blanco

The master of programs.

Discover the blend of soccer and academic training in a top-tier program, immersing players in Spanish soccer through leading local clubs, providing personalized technical training and a holistic experience.

From 13 to 18 years old

It combines high performance training with international education in one of Madrid’s emblematic schools.

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More than 18 years old

Live in one of the most exclusive residences and have access to one of the most prestigious international Business Schools.

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Excellence Program

We offer specialized training programs for young goalkeepers in order to enhance their skills in competition and increase their efficiency and capacity. These programs are based on the specific Iker Casillas methodology for goalkeepers, developed by a highly qualified technical staff, which seeks to maximize the performance and development of each goalkeeper.

We offer comprehensive and specialized programs for players under a methodology developed by a highly qualified technical staff. We seek both to enhance soccer performance and technical and tactical skills and to contribute to individual growth in an educational environment that allows them to reach their maximum potential on and off the field.

3 Fundamental Pillars

Sports Excellence

We aim for peak soccer performance, with tailored training and advanced tech to unlock every player's potential.

Academic Development:

Committed to holistic education, we offer tailored academic programs for student-athletes to excel both athletically and academically.

Personal Growth

We promote personal skill and values development, fostering ethics, respect, responsibility, and resilience to empower our players on and off the field.

10 months of immersion in a local club.

Students in the annual program will have the opportunity to achieve their goals and maximize their performance in local clubs. Incorporated into the structure of top level teams, it will ensure the player’s full integration, thus allowing them to develop personal and professional connections with teammates, team, coaches and staff, which contributes not only to their growth as soccer players but also to their sporting adaptation.

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We are committed to education.

The program guarantees excellence criteria at the academic and residential level with the best educational providers, to have the best balance between soccer and studies.


International Private School

SEK El Castillo School is a top level private international centre in Madrid. The educational offer goes from 0 to 18 years old and they are pioneers in bilingual programs offering an exceptional innovative education.

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International Residence

SEK El Castillo School has a 40,000m campus and the residence is integrated within the complex. At the international residence, students from more than 15 countries live together in the perfect environment to balance their studies with their sports program.  

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It's time to start living the life you've always dreamed of.

What is included

10 months of training
Full board residence
Individualized Mentoring
Local club immersion
Complete official equipment

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Program FAQS

The programme is open to players between the ages of 12 and 18.

The programme includes 10 months of training, academic training, residence with full board, individualized tutoring, immersion in a local club, full official equipment, club recruitment opportunities, official certification and diploma, security and parental control.

The duration of the programme is 10 months and starts in September.

The programme will take place at the SEK – El Castillo facilities.

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