All the information about the academy, its methodology, university life and academic programs.

What is the age requirement to join?

Iker Casillas Academy is a high performance soccer academy for players from 7 years old. Both children under 13 and those over 25 will be provided with age-appropriate courses.

What skills level should the player have?

Depending on the level of each player, as well as their needs and objectives, an adapted high performance training plan will be made. Any profile with a desire to learn how to play football will be able to find the product that suits their skills level.

Is language an inconvenience?

Our international soccer academy welcomes international players. Language should not be a problem as it is not necessary to speak Spanish to communicate with teammates or the coaching staff. They will also receive a bilingual education at school, adapted to their learning level.

What is the admission process?

To start the admission process, all the player’s necessary information will be required, which can be filled in on the website, through a registration form. Once the information has been received, the academy team will contact the participant in order to detail the next steps, as well as the requirements.

What documents are required for registration?

EU citizens:

The documentation required for any citizen of a country in the European Union is: Valid National Identity Card (DNI) and complete Passport (or travel certificate), authorization from parents or guardians (if the player is underage), documentation of medical insurance and admission to an educational institution.

The student or the parents/guardians of the minor must initiate the procedure before the Spanish consular office or embassy in the country of origin.

Not EU citizens:

Documentation required for any citizen of a country outside the European Union: national visa application form, complete valid passport (or travel certificate), authorisation from parents or guardians (if the player is underage), documentation of health insurance and admission to an educational institution.

The student or the parents/guardians of the minor must initiate the procedure before the Spanish consular office or embassy in the country of origin.

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What documents does the Academy provide?

Iker Casillas Academy provides the player with medical insurance and takes care of the application process with the academic institution.

Does the price include the Visa process?

We will accompany the applicant through the entire process of applying for the Visa and all the necessary processes to join the program. However, the academy does not take care of the costs of the procedures of the Visa.

If the Visa is not received in time for the start of the program, the application fee will not be refunded.

Health insurance and assistance

Iker Casillas Academy is committed to the health of the athlete. This is a top priority as it is fundamental for the players to be able to perform at their highest level. For this reason, health is a key pillar of our methodology, applying medical processes and guidelines throughout the duration of the program, using the latest technology. You have the medical team at your disposal, which will be able to guide and help you in case of injury or medical issue.

The Academy provides the students with medical insurance that covers all possible risks. The staff in charge of the players will be in permanent contact with them in case of possible emergencies.

In addition, underage students at SEK El Castillo, have a medical service (doctor and nurse) available 24/7, independently of the accident policy. At the beginning of the school year, a general medical examination is carried out on all students to determine the state of their health.

What kind of training is offered during the 10 months of the programme?

Once assigned the team in which the player will compete during the season, Iker Casillas Academy will be in charge of his physical, tactical and technical training focused on the individual needs of the player and the areas of improvement identified in the follow-up analysis. Every two months we will repeat the level tests to compare the data acquired in the previous test and measure their sporting growth. You will train specifically with the Iker Casillas Academy methodology 2 days a week and in the afternoons 3 days a week (minimum).

Will the participants receive any type of accommodation and food?

Yes, participants will receive full board accommodation at SEK – El Castillo.

Will participants receive any kind of certification upon completion of the programme?

Yes, participants will receive certification and an official diploma upon completion of the programme. They will also receive a diploma at the beginning of the programme.

What additional benefits does the Iker Casillas Academy programme offer?

The programme offers additional benefits such as player profile analysis, immersion in local clubs, official ICA x SEK kit, official report and certification, among others. 

What does the official ICA x SEK kit include?

The official ICA x SEK kit includes: three (3) training shirts, three (3) training shorts, one (1) jacket and three (3) socks. adidas kits.

What methodology is followed in the Iker Casillas Academy programme for the physical, tactical and technical development of the players?

The methodology focuses on the specific development of the player. We analyze all their characteristics for improvement individually (with our personal trainers) and collectively (with the competing team), creating a unique training process. For more specific information about the Iker Casillas Academy programmes, please visit our official website or contact us directly.

Can the programme be extended or is it only for one year?

Although the programme is offered on an annual basis, the student can stay in the programme for as many years as he/she wants, and can finish high school, baccalaureate or even pursue higher studies with the Iker Casillas Academy.

What are the advantages of the programme for the player’s future?

This programme offers a combination of education and sport, making it a unique product. Players who participate in our programme, as well as having exhaustive monitoring, individualized training, detailed reports and video analysis (among many other things), will be able to compete on an annual basis in any of the clubs with which the Iker Casillas Academy has agreements. 

Is the educational curriculum only valid for Spain or is it valid in other countries?

The curriculum offered by SEK is valid for Europe and the United States.

What is the training schedule like?

This will depend mainly on the age of the player and the club assigned. Generally all players will train in the afternoon with their teams at least 3 days and 2 days a week with the coaches of the Iker Casillas Academy. All this with the support of the SEK institution, which makes the timetable flexible so that students can attend training sessions and make up any pending classes, if any, at another time during the week.

How many days a week do you train?

Minimum 3 days in the afternoons (with the team we select for the player) and 2 days in the mornings.

Where will the players be accommodated?

All players will be accommodated in the SEK-El Castillo school.

Do the players train in the morning?

Yes, twice a week with new players.

What are the criteria for choosing the team?

We will watch the player’s last three matches. Once our scouting team has made the report, we will proceed to test the player’s level for a week. These tests will be appropriate to the level demonstrated in the matches we have previously viewed. After the week of testing we will get a complete report that will allow us to know which league and which team is more suitable for his sporting development.

What happens if the player gets injured and is he covered by medical insurance?

Every player must have international medical insurance.

What happens if a player comes who is better than my son?

Nothing will happen. Your child’s development will not be influenced by other players. Our programme focuses on the player and his potential and weaknesses. The level of the other players attending the programme will not affect your child in the slightest.

What are the morning training sessions like?

The training sessions will last for one hour. The training will depend on the age of the player. From 12 to 14 years old players will have training both days with a coach specialized in their position. From 15 years upwards players will have training one day a week with their specialized coach and one day a week with a physical trainer. The physical trainer will prepare the sessions and adapt them to their age and sporting level.

Will they have training sessions with an individual fitness trainer?

From the age of 15, yes. 

Do you offer psychologists?

Yes, SEK-El Castillo offers its team of psychologists to all players attending the programme.

During holiday periods, do players have to return to their home country or can they stay in Spain and continue training?

During the holidays players will have to return home until the festive period is over, both at Christmas and Easter.

If you are not happy, can you change teams?

Yes, as long as the change is in line with his development.

In which teams could he play?

In all the teams with which we have agreements in the Community of Madrid. 

What happens if my child wants to leave the school and go to Madrid? Would he/she be accompanied?

All pupils have a tutor to look after them 24 hours a day. The school organizes activities with the students every weekend. If the pupils are 15 years old or older, they can go out with a group of pupils with their parents’ permission. The school will ask the parents and, if the parents agree, the pupil will be allowed to go out for a certain amount of time for a walk.

Can I visit my child at any time or only at specific times?

You may visit your child at any time. Once the school has been informed, the student will be able to spend evenings with the family, weekends and holidays. ….

What topics are covered in Iker Casillas Academy clinics?

Iker Casillas Academy clinics cover a variety of football-related topics, including:

  • Technique: Development of basic technical skills such as passing, dribbling, and shooting.
  • Tactics: Learning tactical concepts such as pressure, possession, and transitions.
  • Physical conditioning: Development of both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.
  • Psychology: Learning psychological skills such as concentration, motivation, and resilience.

Who leads the Iker Casillas Academy clinics?

Iker Casillas Academy clinics are led by experienced and qualified coaches. Coaches are certified by the Spanish Football Federation and have extensive experience in training young footballers.

What ages are the Iker Casillas Academy weekly clinics for?

Iker Casillas Academy weekly clinics are aimed at players of all ages, from 8 to 18 years old.

Additional information:

  • Iker Casillas Academy weekly clinics provide an excellent opportunity for young footballers to develop their skills. The clinics are led by experienced and qualified coaches and cover a variety of topics for players to learn.
  • Iker Casillas Academy weekly clinics offer a unique opportunity for young footballers to train in the same facilities as the Spanish national team players.
  • Iker Casillas Academy weekly clinics provide a unique social experience for young footballers. Players have the opportunity to meet other players their age and form new friendships.

The personalised program offers players, clubs and federations the possibility to create a customised plan without being subject to the dates offered in the other programs.

For more information on personalised programs, contact the Academy team here.

When are the holidays?

Holiday periods are subject to the Club’s season calendar. Furthermore, if the players receive complementary academic training at SEK El Castillo, they are subject to the different academic schedules and exam dates.

What are the prices of the programs?

Annual Program

For all those players who want to participate in the Annual Program, the price includes: education, accommodation, training and program activities, plus booking fees. The costs of the Visa process and its procedures are not included, nor are the travel costs to Madrid.

Social grants

The Iker Casillas Foundation, as a result of the desire to help the youngest ones, has wanted to create some social scholarships together with Iker Casillas Academy. The scholarship programs for children range from 7 to 15 years of age and for young people from 15 to 18 years of age.

The Foundation’s evaluation department will be responsible for awarding these scholarships. For more information, please click here.

Still have doubts?

Still have doubts?